Jared's projects

Work-related technology interests

Xtranormal/Tellagami provides a platform for the creation and distribution of 3D animated stories and movies.

Recent projects

Standing projects and interests

Past projects

Full-time employers

Goodsearch (current), Xtranormal/Tellagami, Xmarks, Open Source Applications Foundation (OSAF), Digital Impact (Acxiom), Organic Online, Harvey Mudd College, Stanislaus School District

Organic client roster

Engineering lead: Home Depot, National Computer Systems, Sony Electronics, California State Automobile Association (AAA) (3 years as lead engineer), LucasFilm (Star Wars rerelease), McDonald's, US Healthcare/Intellihealth, DAT Transportation Services, Organic Store, Organic Timetracker, Montgomery Securities
Direct oversight: Nike (twice), Blockbuster, Nortel, Rx.com, Hard Rock, Law.com, Lucy.com, Feld Entertainment (Ringling Brothers), Textbooks.com, Women.com, Intel, Acco, Kengsington, Daytimer, Formica, Kinko's
Participation: Levis, Harley Davidson, Rational Software, Starbuck's, PalmPilot/3Com, Colgate, Kimberly Clark, HomeGrocer, Kinko's, BigBook, Millicent, Esalen, Symantec, Scoop!
Accountable: Ad Auction, AGC, Macy's, Washington Mutual, Sony Playstation; every client engagement that involved engineering from Dec 1997 to Mar 2000
Business development leads: Many; at least 100. Notables: Radio Shack, Autodesk, Dockers, Enron.

Other clients

Software development: Intransa, Trillium, Beyond Interactive
Management consulting: KnowNow, Richard Kozloff, Hypnotic Realities, ESOSS
Technical management: Mackenzie River Partners, Presidio Labs, Soapbox Marketing
Systems administration: Intransa, Grey Global, Mentis Group, Release2
Volunteer: OSAF, Chandler Hub, spore.org